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October 27 sees the arrival of Ne Obliviscaris’ new album ‘URN’. 

Every band has an album that defines their career. For Australia’s extreme prog metallers this is that album. Blending epic and intense progressive metal with thundering drums, devastating guitar riffs, shreaking violin and gorgeous string sections, soaring clean vocals and brutal growls, URN is Ne Obliviscaris’ statement that they have hit their stride in every possible way.

Produced by Troy McCosker and Ne Obliviscaris at Pony Music in Australia and mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios, USA. Once again featuring stunning artwork by vocalist Xen, URN sees the band build further on their unique sound to create an album quite unlike anything else in the world of modern metal.

A record breaking crowd funding campaign in 2014 for their world tour saw Ne Obliviscaris launch into the international scene after the release of their sophomore album ‘Citadel’ and they haven’t stopped since; playing many of the worlds biggest festivals and doing countless tours to almost every corner of the world.

March 2016 saw the band take their unique approach to the business side of the music industry a step further by setting up “The Ne Obluminati”, an ongoing membership campaign via Patreon unlike anything that has come before it. Involving fans in the behind the scenes world of the band via Patreon, Ne Obliviscaris are revolutionising the way bands approach earning a living in this ever changing industry. Having averaged over $10,000USD per month in membership fees, “The Ne Obluminati”  Patreon campaign has brought in a staggering $200,000USD since its inception and allowed the band to invest more time, energy and money into the band than ever before. 

Ne Obliviscaris will be touring worldwide from November, 2017 onwards. Stay tuned for tour date announcements on the way!