Hey Frank, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. You and Deftones have been in this music industry for such a long time with 8 studio albums, 3 grammy awards and multiple international tours. You’ve an incredibly successful run. How are you and the band feeling at this current moment in your career? 

A: Grateful! To say the least, it’s just really good to be able to do what you love with your buds and to do it for as long as we have. I think, you know, we’re just striving to keep it fun and not kill each other and we’ve succeeded at that, so far. 


And with all of the social impacts and ever-changing waves of genres bringing new artists to the forefront, how are you feeling about the entire music industry as a whole? 

A: Ah, that's a good question. For us, I think - it’s really weird. We live in a different type of bubble. I guess you can say that we’ve never really used socials to its fullest. I think we still live in the old days where there needs to be some type of mystery and it’s really hard when everyone is giving out every detail about everything that they’re doing at every time of the day. So I think we subscribe to the less is more approach. The music industry is going to be what it is. I think it’s exciting also because things move at a different speed with how the net is and the way people can just create something and put it out there in an instant. It wasn’t like that back in the day. 


If you could choose anyone (active or not) to tour with, who would it be and why?

A: I mean, we’re pretty excited. We have a summer tour happening in the states and we’re going out with our buddies Gojira. We’ve been wanting that to happen for a long time. That’s definitely one of them. We’ve been fortunate enough to play with a bunch of different bands at different stages of our career. We’re one of those bands that is able to play multi-different types of festivals whether it’s a rock festival or a skate festival, or a punk thing so we’re just grateful to still be doing it, so whoever is along for the ride with us - we’re stoked. 


Within all of your success, you also have incredibly dedicated, passionate fans. We know for a very particular fact, that the Download Festival Australia fans are beyond excited to see you perform in March. Given that you’ve been to Australia a number of times now, are you planning anything different for Download?

A: You know what? Hopefully. We haven’t really discussed it yet. We start rehearsals in a couple of weeks so we’ll see what happens. I do know there’s a new record coming so maybe a new song or two? Who knows?


The band’s last album was called Gore, which has had over 65 million streams on Spotify alone - an astronomical number for any artist - do you still get excited when you receive acclaim both critically and from fans? 

A: Yeah we are. We are a touring band so it’s great to be able to play everywhere and have people still show up haha. We’re ready to have fun with the fans wherever we are. That’s what any band wants and it’s still really exciting. 


And lastly, what inspired you to create Dia De Los Deftones? Are there any other opportunities in the industry that you would like to explore? 

A: That was just one of those things. We have played so many different types of festivals and it’s always amazing. Especially the European festivals where they mix a bunch of artists from different genres, not necessarily all rock bands. And we just wanted to create something of our own and play with people that we are into and create something that's not genre specific. It’s been pretty good for the last few years and we’re still going so, hopefully grow that. So that’s definitely something exciting that we are looking to continue to do.