Everything You Need To Know For Download 2020


Downloaders! We are getting closer to our 2020 events in both Melbourne and Sydney. Flights have been booked, accommodation organised, artists are rehearsing, set times have been announced and we are under a month out from Download Australia 2020! Get ready to open up the pit!


We thought that before the moshing and crowd surfing begins, we’d lay down some critical info to help you have the best Download day ever. 




Download Festival will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds on Friday 20th March 2020 and at The Domain in Sydney on Saturday 21st March 2020. There are lots of ways to get there, and we would suggest working out your transport to and from the venue in advance. That way you’ll be sorted and can enjoy the music and mosh. Catch a train, tram or Uber so you can have an epic time without worrying about the drive home. 


By now, you should all have your tickets (and the Download Australia 2020 playlist blaring) but if not, you can purchase them up until the day of the event. To take your experience up a notch, you can purchase the RIP ticket to gain exclusive perks. Make sure you’re only buying these from Moshtix and Ticketmaster to avoid fraudulent tickets and any issues on the day. 


Doors to the festival open from 11am and close at 10pm - giving you plenty of time to get front and centre for the sickest bands. Download is an 18+ event, so please come prepared with a valid form of ID. Think the generally accepted drivers licenses, passports, proof of age cards etc. You will not be admitted if you do not have a valid ticket and form of ID on the day of the event. No ID, no entry. Simple!


“Right right” we hear you say, “So what can I bring to this thing?” We’re so glad you asked. 

Small backpacks, small cameras, sunscreen and medical bags (for those of you who need them / have a doc certificate) will all be allowed into the event area. 

You cannot bring: large backpacks, alcohol, aerosol containers of any kind, professional cameras / video equipment, totems, coolers, glass, metal, fireworks, flares, drugs or drug paraphernalia, illicit or illegal items, radios, pets, umbrellas, boards, bikes, tents or any shade structures, chairs, inflatables, selfie sticks lasers or weapons of any kind. 


We want Download Festival Australia to be a safe and enjoyable space for all. Please look after yourselves and those around you. We’re all here for the same reason - to enjoy good music with good friends. 


Once you’re in the festival, you’re free to roam around the areas that are marked on your ticket. There are ATM’s, loads of bars, food options for a variety of diets including vego, vegan and gluten free, a medic centre, not to mention the 4 epic stages on which our lineup will destroy!


For further information, please download the Download Festival Australia app or head to our FAQs for your state on our website. 


App: https://rcl.ink/mWA